Secure your energy source. Protect against rising electricity rates. Earn substantive return on investment.

Ecolectrics begins your path to reducing electricity cost with a detailed analysis of your facility, its annual energy usage and current cost of electricity. Our comprehensive report outlines:

  • Size of solar system that can be installed at your facility
  • Amount of energy it will produce
  • Net savings in electricity cost expected every month for 25 years or more
  • Overall return on investment 

By taking advantage of generous tax benefits plus local and federal rebates currently in place, American businesses and non-profit organizations are implementing solar systems in more ways than one.

Once you have decided to move forward, Ecolectrics executes every detail to give you a fully commissioned solar system in a timely manner. Our in-house engineering and equipment procurement services cut extra costs and deliver you the most efficient system at the lowest possible cost.

Financial restraints or capital limitations may not necessarily block your path.

With excellent operational history and financial credit, you can still choose to benefit from a solar system by exercising one of the following two options that have no up front cost: 

Power Purchase Agreement – An organization does not own the system, but simply purchases power generated by the solar system over a fixed period of time (typically at a rate lower than projected utility rate).

Lease to Own – An organization can lease a system for a predefined period of time and has an option to buy the system at the conclusion of a predefined period at a reduced rate.

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