Development of a solar power system - from initial feasibility to final interconnection - is an intricate process that involves multiple engineering disciplines, careful analysis assessing compatibility of available technologies with prevailing conditions at the proposed project site, and rigorous optimization of system variables.  From small commercial to multi-megawatt utility scale installation, each project requires unique attention and a full set of approvals from local authorities. 

lhpEcolectrics can help you reduce design cycle time and achieve concept to “permit-ready” construction drawings in record time.  We place extra emphasis on designing systems that yield the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE), are easy to construct in the field and comply with all applicable building safety, fire and electrical codes.  Combined with our cost competitive equipment procurement services, Ecolectrics can address your engineering and equipment needs in the most economical manner. 

Customers representing some of the largest municipalities (such as Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) or US military (such as Fort Benning) depend on Ecolectrics engineering for their solar energy systems. 

Our ability to generate professional engineering stamp drawings in most of the US states enables us to work with private, municipal or government clients from across the country. 

We  can engineer any size roof mount, ground mount, or car port solar systems. Our team of PV energy system professionals invites you to contact us with your questions and Request for Proposals (RFP).

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